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Hivos invests in knowledge to trigger change. By understanding the drivers of social change (and upheaval), we can make our role and programmes more effective. Our aim is to translate the knowledge and innovations we co-create with academics, policy makers and businesses, as well as with civil society, activists and grass roots stakeholders, into new policies, practices and scalable solutions to achieve social change.

Recent Articles

In keeping with the requirements of the Dutch CBF accreditation, Hivos regularly publishes updated version of it statutes, regulations, Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) and salary scheme. You can find the latest versions of these documents in the right sidebar.

Since 1996, the CBF (...

Statement by Hivos director Edwin Huizing published in the Tackling Corruption Together #AntiCorruption Manifesto

Governments use public contracting to provide vital infrastructure, goods and services to citizens. To...


Report by Myrtille Danse, Director of Hivos Latin America

Right before dawn on April 26, Hivos General Director Edwin Huizing put on a pair of colorful glasses and gazed at dozens of people who waited silently in their seats. His intention was to lead them in symbolic time travel...